Summer sessions enrolling now!

For the summer of 2015 I am offering all my workshops and reading groups online. Help your child develop essential reading and writing skills and keep his or her academic skills sharp, regardless of where your summer plans might take you! With a computer and an internet connection, your child can participate in one of my summer programs anytime–and from anywhere. Please browse the “Writing Workshops” and “Reading Groups” tabs above to get the details, and feel free to contact me for more information.


Let’s Measure What Really Matters

Today’s Boston Globe Magazine has an excellent article about the flaws in our current model of standardized testing: in short, the tests used to evaluate students are not predictive of future success in any area other than the students’ ability to do well on standardized tests. The author does not suggest we get rid of standardized testing, but rather proposes that we start testing the things that really matter, like inquiry, discourse, and collaboration. “Why not test the things we value, and test them in a way that provides us with an accurate picture of what children really do, not what they can do under the most constrained circumstances after the most constrained test preparation?” I couldn’t agree more. Read the article here.