At ES Tutoring & Consulting we are revolutionizing learning, one student at a time. Our mission is to empower students to understand themselves as learners in order to learn more effectively and efficiently.

What We Do: Individual and small group tutoring, ADHD coaching, curriculum consulting, teacher training, professional development, parent coaching
Tutoring Services: We teach students in core academic content areas as well as in executive functioning, organization, and study skills. Students come to us either to strengthen their overall academic performance or to receive support with ADHD or a diagnosed learning difficulty. Providing customized instruction based on each student’s needs, goals, and learning style, we help students take charge of their learning and gain the tools they need to succeed independently. We meet students in person in the Boston metropolitan area and worldwide via Skype.
Parent Coaching: At ES Tutoring & Consulting, we don’t just work with students; we work with families. We help parents and teens strengthen their relationships and reduce conflict, and we offer parent coaching around academic and behavioral concerns.
Consulting: We consult with schools and nonprofits in a variety of capacities, including curriculum design and teacher training. We also develop programming for local libraries and work with students and families in and out of schools to support individual learning needs.

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