With more than a decade of teaching and educational leadership experience, as well as an advanced degree in curriculum and instruction, Eliza Wagner Srestha, Founder and Director of ES Tutoring & Consulting, is an expert educator with particular skill in differentiating curricula, making classroom learning meaningful to students, and incorporating skills relevant for the 21st century. She has hired and mentored faculty, supervised student teachers, served as grade dean, led department-wide curricular change to teach cultural competency, and in 2011 was awarded an endowed chair for excellence in teaching. She has been teaching since 2000 and has taught middle, high school, and college level English and History in New York and Boston.

Eliza consults with schools and nonprofits in a variety of capacities, including curriculum design and teacher training. She also develops programming for local libraries and works with students and families both in and out of schools to support individual learning needs. Please email inquiries to

Consulting Testimonials

“Eliza is a true teacher-leader who has developed extensive inclusive curricula and engages in multicultural teaching and classroom practices. I would strongly recommend Eliza for curricular consultation to schools.” -Christine Savini, Principal Consultant, Diversity Directions

“I’ve always been highly impressed by the rigor and cohesion of Eliza’s curriculum work. The units and lessons she designs are intellectual and engaging for her students, and highlight her instructional leadership. That’s just one reason I’ve been so pleased for Eliza to work as a coach with our aspiring teachers at Boston University.” -Scott Seider, Associate Professor of Education, Boston University

“Eliza’s commitment to guiding young people to see the world from multiple perspectives was the hallmark of her practice as a classroom teacher. Her students’ capacity to think deeply was fueled by her talent for igniting inquiry into those themes – both historic and current – where the discrepancy between lived experience and our most cherished ideals was most evident.  The learning in Eliza’s classroom was alive and relevant to the students’ innate interest in justice and fairness. This pedagogic pulse remains central to Eliza’s work today.” Ralph Wales, Head of School, The Gordon School

“We hired Eliza to help us write a career awareness curriculum for eighth grade students. What we gained was a curriculum that included questions to push students’ learning deeper and that framed new learning on skills students acquired in earlier classes. It was clear that our program benefitted from Eliza’s deep expertise in curriculum development—how to shape a classroom lesson to meet learning goals—coupled with her knowledge of eighth graders’ developmental needs. We were on a tight timeline. Eliza was clear with her availability, accurate with her time estimates and produced the project on time. We plan on using her again for future projects.” -Helen Russell, Executive Director, Apprentice Learning

“Finding teacher and tutor Eliza Srestha was a huge blessing for our library. The Study Skills Workshop series was a great asset to our teens, and parents expressed huge excitement and gratitude over having these workshops for their children. Our first Study Skills Workshop focused on Homework and Organization and the second focused on Technology. Each workshop had a huge interest level from parents and students. The first one was quickly booked up and had a large wait list and the second one filled up fast as well. Due to such high demand, I made sure to book a third workshop, which also had good attendance. I highly recommend these workshops to other libraries and hope I get to utilize Eliza’s services again in the near future.” Amy Rosa, Librarian, Old Colony Library Network


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