Summer 2017 Online Classes

Personalized writing support anytime, anywhere.

  • Individual lessons delivered weekly through Google Drive and email.
  • Customized curriculum based on the student’s goals and interests.
  • Detailed feedback on each assignment and a progress report at the end.
  • Flexible schedule–choose your start and end dates.
  • An affordable alternative to in-person tutoring.
  • For ages 9 through adult.
  • Select one of the class topics listed below, or request your own personalized program.

Please contact me for more information or to register.

Expository Writing Workshop

Teaching students how to use the language and mechanics of more formal writing, this class covers topics including persuasive writing, essay writing, writing about literature, and journalism. Students learn techniques to help them develop an argument, organize their ideas, use evidence, and convince their audience of their points. A unique element of this workshop is its focus on the writing process: students learn the steps of brainstorming, outlining, drafting, editing, and revising so that they can independently create more polished formal essays.

Creative Writing Workshop

In this workshop, students become authors as they learn the craft of the short story. They cultivate their own voice by practicing writing in a variety of styles and genres and by experimenting with character development, setting, dialogue, narration, and point-of-view. Short exercises each week enable students to hone specific skill sets in isolation, and a final, more developed story completed by the end of the class series allows students to put all the elements together to create a compelling piece of fiction.

Writing the Personal Narrative

Combining elements of both creative and expository writing, this workshop teaches students to draw from life experiences to create engaging personal narratives. Students experiment with different forms of writing such as vignettes, personal essays, and journaling. Skills covered in this workshop include figurative language, descriptive writing, developing voice, using precise syntax and diction, and manipulating chronology in a story arc.

Virtual Book Club

The virtual book club will guide students through their assigned summer reading or through a novel of their choosing. Students will get support breaking the reading into manageable chunks and will have weekly writing prompts and study questions to help them deepen their understanding of the content. An analytical assignment at the end of the novel will help students develop their literary analysis skills and practice using evidence from the text to support their interpretations.

Grammar and Vocabulary

In this course, students will learn new grammar skills and receive a customized vocabulary list each week. Designed to focus on practical application, students will write on topics of their choosing as they practice using their new vocabulary words and as they experiment with new grammatical forms and structures. By the end of the course, students will have learned how to be more deliberate with their syntax and diction and write with greater control and precision.


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