Parent Coffee: Tips for supporting your teen academically 

As teenagers go through middle and high school and become more independent, figuring out how to support them through school can be confusing. Should I help with homework? How much structure do they need? How can I advocate for them with the school? How do I navigate my child’s ADHD or executive functioning challenges? This workshop will help answer some of these questions.

Eliza Wagner Srestha of ES Tutoring & Consulting, a veteran educator with 17 years of teaching experience and an Ed.M. in Curriculum and Teaching, will help you understand how to navigate the ups and downs of the middle and high school years as your child learns to be more independent. We will talk about low-conflict ways to be involved in your child’s homework, how to understand your child’s learning style, how to create structure without stifling, the connection between self-esteem and academic performance, how technology can help and hinder learning, and how to create opportunities for healthy dialogue with your teen.

Come join us for coffee and conversation:

Mansfield Library, October 21 at 10:30 AM

Milton Library, November 4, 11:00 AM



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